Tanya Perry




“Australian Red Cross engaged Tanya to deliver Customer Service Training to all our employees in South Australia. We have been amazed at the positive feedback and engagement in the programme by the staff.  Tanya has been brilliant at finding out our needs and tailoring the training so it is specific to us; she understands our industry and works with us to make sure her training delivers the required outcomes. We are looking forward to working with Tanya again this year.”

Liz Burchall
General Manager Organisational
Development SA

Tanya Perry presented our first development program tailored to women which is now an integral part of our training programs at Hardy Wine Company. Tanya also delivered on-site courses such for Professional Development and Organisational Teamwork with great success. Tanya is an enthusiastic and talented professional who is able to make learning challenging as well as enjoyable.

Joe Ciccarelli

"Through Tanya Perry's training CSIRO Research Support Services staff have the opportunity to experience an engaging team building experience through the 'Putting People FIRST!’ program in 2006 which has delivered real results through greater staff commitment to understanding change and working together in teams to meet new challenges."

Simon Lynch
RSS Manager, CSIRO

This reference is based on my professional association with Tanya Perry in her capacity as a provider of learning and development consultancy and training services.

In my dealings with Tanya over the last 11 years she has always displayed a high level of commitment and integrity. This has resulted in an excellent working relationship and productive project outcomes.

The energy and effort that Tanya puts into her assignments is quite frankly astonishing. Her capacity to motivate and stimulate learners always makes for a first class experience for participants.

She is an engaging and animated speaker at conferences and seminars and is adept at customising presentations so that everyone’s needs are accommodated.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Tanya’s services.  I am available to be contacted to discuss her suitability in more detail if required.

Carlien Coultate
Branch Services Manager

Tanya worked extremely closely with all of our Darwin team who attended the SKYCITY Way workshops.  She easily developed their trust which was reflected in them being very willing to open up on issues.

Tanya portrayed an eagerness and enthusiasm to learn about our organisation, both its operations and its behaviours.  She was then able to reflect this learning back to the participants as she suggested ways to further enhance the organisation's operations.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tanya Perry to any company that is looking for a professional motivational trainer and I am sure you will find her services way "above the line".

Andrew Wilson
General Manager

Hello Tanya,
I am sure you are off on another adventure in some remote part of the world!
I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time in coming to Houston and changing our attitudes. I learned to think even more outside the box and to not only listen but hear what is being said.  I have used what I learned in your class everyday since you left.  I even encouraged my husband to look at the material to use in his daily routine as well.
Thank you again you’re doing a wonderful job.

Joy L. Naragon
Customer Support
Global Finance Houston



That was the best training I have done since joining this company.  I stayed in tune all day because I was afraid I might miss something.

I believe that Tanya, the course presenter, was FANTASTIC. The manner in which she took the course really made us proactive during the time we were together. Also she really made our thought process work on how we can all come together and make us be the best that we can be, both for ourselves and others in the team. Also Tanya being such a positive person was good for me because I like to be as positive as I can be, so I left the course feeling very motivated and on kind of a high about the time ahead and our new team. Tanya really made it most worthwhile. A very big thankyou to Tanya.


Course presenter was absolutely fantastic. I have been to courses before that were run by extroverts, and being an introvert myself I have always felt intimidated by these people. At no time did I get the feeling that I was overruled or ignored by Tanya. She did a wonderful job!


Good facilitator, not often do you get to the end of a training day and think, "That day went quick!" Well organised and great interactivity.


Tanya presented her self and her company with total professionalism. She catered to all personality types. Her delivery was complemented by the use of PowerPoint, Butcher paper, handouts, interactive puzzles and questions, team games, rewards, and for the quiet moments where we were “Having a Thinking Moment,” she played background music.


Tanya was a fantastic course presenter. It was obvious that she loved what she was doing and she was brilliant at it.


I think Tanya is an excellent presenter.  She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed right through the workshop.  I enjoyed the way she didn't ram the information down our neck.  Some points were made in an upfront manner and others were quite subtle.  She used her sense of humour to great effect and presented the workshop in a very friendly and laidback way.


I was in your training course in Canberra last week. I thought I’d shoot a quick email to thank you for your time and effort. It was thoroughly fun AND useful. I’ve been to many training sessions previously and you are definitely up there as one of the best facilitator/presenters I have encountered. Well done. You’re a star!





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