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Tanya Perry Adelaide UniTanya Perry and Associates Pty Ltd has been successfully delivering customised training, facilitation and consulting since the early 1990’s, Nationally and Internationally including in the UK, USA, NZ, South Africa and Asia.

Combined with her unique style and skills, Tanya and her team of Associates are able to deliver a wide range of exciting, yet practical courses to their large and ever-growing list of clients. Their diverse experience and exceptional communication skills present them as professional, passionate public speakers and facilitators who excel at engaging with their audiences.

Tanya's business success is due to the consistent customer experience she provides for her clients. Testimonials from clients and course participants enthusiastically reflect this.

Tanya's career history includes working as a Senior Passenger Agent/Acting Supervisor for British Airways in at London’s Heathrow Airport where on the Lost and Found baggage desk she claims she has been sworn at in every language in the world! Tanya has been a newsreader for a local radio station (they loved her Irish accent), a Training Coordinator for Dartington Tech (U.K.), and Business Manager for South West Landscaping (U.K.).

Tanya has also been an Associate Consultant with the Australian Institute of Management, an active member of the South Australian Women’s Trust and Vice-President of the International Women’s Day Committee.

Born in Northern Ireland, Tanya is very proud of her heritage although she now loves living with her family at the beach in South Australia. 

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